Save and Create Your Own Affordable Home Spa Experience

Massages, facials and other beauty treatments make you look and feel good. But they cost so darn much at the spa and even the price of home equipment and fancy sup0plies can add up. Try these substitutes.

Pamper your feet.

Electric foot massagers can average $80, while a quality hand-held massaging tool can go for $40. It's easy to cut costs here.

  • Get a shallow baking pan and spread a small towel in the bottom. Cover the towel with marbles. Keep it nearby when you sit to relax in the evenings. As you roll your bare feet over the marbles, your tired dogs will get a lift.
For a nice leg massage, dig out an old rolling pin and roll the kinks out of your calves. Total saved, about $120.

Mix up a recipe for beauty. 

A drugstore beauty mask costs around $3.25 every time you use it. Make your own.

  • Mix a ripe banana with 1 cup of oatmeal and a dash of milk. Spread the paste on your face, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse it off and enjoy your moisturized skin.
The homemade mask costs just over 50 cents per use, so you save about $2.75 a week or $140 a year.

Steam your Skin

Finally, save the $40 you would pay for an appliance to give your face a steam treatment. You can do a better job for no cost.

  • Boil water and pour it into a shallow bowl. Mix in some herbs, like crushed rosemary or a few drops of mint extract. Lean over the bowl with your face about 8 inches from the surface. Drape a towel over your head to catch the steam. Enjoy the treatment for 10 minutes. Your pores will be opened and your skin moisturized.

Using Sugar to Help Heal Wound Fast

Honey is an old folk remedy for healing cuts and scrapes, but a paste of sugar and water may also do the trick. Sugar works by pulling water out of a wound. That may battle infecting bacteria, help remove dirt, and even reduce scarring. Use regular granulated sugar and just enough water to form a paste. But be careful - sugar can affect your blood's ability to clot. Wait a day after the bleeding stops before you try this remedy.

4 Helpful Nutrients to Help Breast Cancer Patients

Scientists are eagerly studying certain foods and nutrients for their potential to thwart this deadly disease. Here are a few promising candidates.

1. Fiber

What it does? Changes pre-menopausal hormone levels to reduce tumor growth.
Food source - wheat bran, whole-wheat, bread

2. Isothiocyanates

What it does? Stimulate enzymes in the body to block tumor-causing steroid hormones
Food source - cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

What it does? Compete with omega-6 fatty acids for enzymes to block tumor growth and make cancer-fighting by products.
Food source - salmon, trout, sardines, light tuna, flaxseed

4. Phytoestrogens

What it does? Work like human hormones to surpress tumor growth.
Food source - soy beans soy milk, tofu

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