6 Home Remedies to Treat Hair Loss and How to Grow your Hair Naturally!

1. Stay healthy. lllnesses as diverse as measles ,thyroid Disease ,lupus, pneumonia ,anemia, Diabetes, syphilis, polycytic ovaries ,and tumors on the adrenal gland may all produce hair loss.

2. Check your medication. Chemotherapeutic drugs (medications used in the treatment of cancer) certainly affect the hair, but the list of offenders also includes some birth control pills ,high blood pressure medications certain types of steroids,diuretics,antidepressants , and even aspirin when taken chronically. Ask your doctor if what you're taking can cause hair loss and if there's an alternative medicine you can take.

3. Don't try crash dieting where you tend to eat very low-protein and may run the risk of shedding more than normal amount of hair. Furthermore, taking Vitamin A or D in excess can cause hair loss.

4. Learn to cope with stress. Severe stress or a traumatic event like a death in the family can bring about heavy shedding of the hair. Practice meditating and exercise daily.

5. Don't overstyle your hair. As much as possible, avoid tight braiding , bleaching ,teasing , chemically straightening ,and using hot rollers because they can cause hair breakage. Brushing your hair 100 times a night is the worst possible advice. Rule of thumb, "The less you do to your scalp, the better".

6. Selenium supplements taken in excess and foreign herbs that contain heavy metals can cause hair loss


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