6 Refreshing Fixes and the $2 Cure from Bad Breath

1. Keep your mouth clean. That means thorough brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. Food and bacteria trapped between gum line can only be removed with floss, if it's left to linger, it's not going to smell nice.

2. Clean your tongue, too. Bacteria left on your tongue can certainly contribte to less-than-fresh breath, so be sure to brush you tongue after you've polished your pearly whites.

3. Wet your whistle. A dry mouth can equal smelly breath. Saliva helps clean you mouth; it has a naural antibacterial action and it washes away food particles. It's the reduced salica flow at night that explains morning breath. Try chewing sugarless gum or sucking on sugarless mints to stimulate saliva production.

4. Rinse. If nothing else, at least rinse your moth with plain water after eating. Swishing the water around the mouth may help to remove some of the food particles left in the mouth after a meal.

5. Munch on parsley. That green sprig of parsley that came with your meal can do more than decorate your plate. While munching on parsley or spearmint won't cure bad breath, the scent of the herb itself can help temporarily cover up offending oral odor. You're basically trading an offensive odor for a more scceptable one.

6. Eat to smell sweet. Foods that help fight plague may also help fight moth odor. Opt for celery, carrots, peanuts or a bit of low-fat cheese if you want something to snack on. A healthy diet will help your teeth as well

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