How to Get Rid of Stress the Cheapest Possible Way

these cute pots are designed by namiko murakoshi
Feeling tired and weary? Forget about time consuming and pricey spa massages. Below are some surprising and simple ways to de-stress you can do in the comforts of your home.

1. Gaze at Blue and Green

To instantly feel calm, simply focus your eyes on any blue and green color within your surroundings - gaze at the blue sky or green plants. These two colors have always been associated with relaxation, probably because we tend to associate the blue with the color of the ocean which gives that serene feeling while green is said to lessen depression, anxiety, and nervousness. These colors relaxes both body and mind, and is both soothing and refreshing.

2. Chew a Gum

It has been reported that people who chew gum tends to get more relaxed as chewing gum trigger our body's natural relaxation response, slowing our heart rate, breathing and brain activity. Feeling under pressure? Pop a piece of gum!

3. Clenched a Fist

Tightening the muscles helps the muscle de-tense completely. So clench your fists tightly for five seconds, then open them. That should give you instant relaxation.

4. Sing

Not only do you get your vocal cords into action, you also get to practice your singing prowess (if you really have one :) You see, when you sing your heart out, you breath deeply and that lowers the body's blood pressure and heart rate, thus decreasing stress.

5. Smile and make someone smile

Being kind and doing something good to others produce a rush of feel good chemicals in the brain, creating what is known as a "helper's high". The endorphin surge boosts our mood, distracting us from issues that stress us out.

6. Plant Green

A little green in your environment can keep stress at bay for women who keeps plants at work was found to have less anxiety. These little greens capture our attention, giving us a mental break from negative feelings that lead to stress.

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